Legislation: In 2012, the Oregon State Legislature passed HB 4110, directing the Oregon Investment Council and State Treasurer to divest from any companies which refuse to cut ties to Iran’s energy sector. (1) The bill’s proponents claimed that as of 2009 Oregon had $250 million invested in the Iranian energy sector. (2) The bill passed the House unanimously but was opposed by two state legislators in the Senate. (3)

Date enacted: 2012

Key actors: Representatives Jim Weidner (R-Yamhill) and Mitch Greenlick (D-Portland) co-authored HB 4110 and campaigned on its behalf. (4)

Effect: The Oregon State Treasury was directed to make public annual reports of its compliance with HB 4110, but has not done so. It is therefore unknown at this time whether or in what degree Oregon has divested from companies with ties to Iran’s energy sector. In April 2015, Oregon lawmakers told Reuters they would examine changes in federal sanctions laws against Iran to determine whether or in what fashion to adjust the state’s own divestment program. (5)

Updated: 03/25/2016


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