Legislation: In 2007, the Oklahoma House of Representatives adopted House Resolution 1026. HR 1026 encourages the managers of Oklahoma public trusts to divest investments in companies linked to Iran and other nations (1).

Effect: None observed thus far. 

Key actors: Robert Wallace, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Police Pension and Retirement Board, remarked that HR 1026 was not binding (2).

Of note: In 2012, State Senator Clark Jolley (R-District 41) introduced S 1352, a bill that would prohibit state agencies from investing in or contracting with Iran. S 1352 passed the Oklahoma House but failed in the Senate (4). The Center for Security Policy’s Divest Terror Initiative supported the enactment of HR 1026. Language in the bill refers to The Center for Security Policy’s research into OPERS holdings linked to state sponsors of terror. The Center for Security Policy’s president Frank Gaffney has been involved in divestment efforts in other states (5).

Updated: 05/31/2016


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